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Green-TecRenewables, the leading foundry of high value semiconductor Solar solutions, leading the ecosystem with high-quality, innovative technological and manufacturing solutions, providing strong competitive advantages in various growing markets.

The Company’s strategic roadmap alignments and long-term partnerships with its profound customer base promotes continuous growth and frontier market position.

Our Mission

Being a trusted long-term partner with a positive and sustainable impact on the world through innovative Solartechnologies and manufacturing solutions.

Our Vision

Provide the highest value semiconductor,Solar solutions as validated by our customers, employees, shareholders and partners.

Value Vectors


We pursue excellence in all we do from ideation through product shipment. Hence, we deliver the best experience to our customers and employees.

  • Quality, efficiency and effectiveness are the pillars of excellence and are indispensable to each other:
    • Highest standards of quality
    • Efficiency in processes, systems and procedures
    • Effectiveness in creation and implementation
  • Committed to continuous improvement – honest internal evaluations with the courage to change (and change quickly)
    • Ensure that all our activities are data driven and relate to a specific set of objectives and defined criteria.


Being a trusted long-term partner for customers, employees and shareholders.

  • Committed to provide an exceptional experience by understanding and acting upon needs, and exceeding expectations
  • Enable unparalleled trust, confidence and respect
  • Pursue win-win solutions through teamwork and fully open channels of communication
  • Adhere to highest ethical standards demonstrating integrity in everything we do
  • We believe honesty and transparency are critical to building partnerships in both business and society


Making a positive and sustainable impact on the world

  • Knowledge, skills and attitude are focused on creating measurable value for the company
  • A sustainable and growing business which is a safe place that inspires
  • Dedicated to professional and personal growth and development
  • Consistently leverage our global diversified strengths, resources and capabilities to achieve business, operational and cultural excellence
  • Passionate about adding positive value to the economy, society and environment


An environment of innovation – moving great ideas into value

  • Proactive knowledge sharing to cross-pollinate disruptive and novel ideas that enable breakthrough business opportunities
  • Embrace learning with rewards for creativity and innovation in every area of the company
  • Follow a ‘cradle to cradle’ innovation philosophy


Leading the renewable ecosystem with technology and manufacturing solutions in exciting and growing markets.

  • Create and provide breakthrough, leading solutions that drive our partners’ success
  • Reward decisiveness and encourage personal responsibility, accountability and ownership for success
  • Demonstrate qualities that we expect of others




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